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SMART LED lighting

light the source of life

Smart LED lighting

forpow believes that every light should be intelligent in order to drive radical energy efficiency and make life intelligence

Green Lighting

Green lighting means lower costs, longer life and reduced maintenance.

Lower Energy Bills

Save up to 60% on your energy usage by implementing forpow smart led lighting.

Superior Illumination

A brighter, cleaner, more visible “white light” compared to conventional lighting.

Reduced Costs

led lighting can have a significant impact on reducing the operational costs of your life.


Home Automation

We provide smart home products that will forever change the way you interact and enjoy your home.

Security and Protection

Installing motion sensors throughout your home will protect select areas from intruders and any type of motion, set to your preferences.

Run Your Home from Your Phone

With the free app, you can receive important notifications about what’s happening at home, control your smart devices with a simple tap, and automate your home to react to your unique preferences.

Monitor & Protect What Matters Most

The app offers a complete home monitoring and security solution that allows customers to get instant alerts if there’s unwanted entry, smoke, leaks, or other unexpected activity. By adding a compatible camera, customers can also get accompanying video clips that capture footage of these events.

RF Wireless Control

RF wireless remote control, no direction, in interference, no delay and long distance.


"My husband is nearly blind, so he wants all lights on whenever he gets up at night. That means I have trouble going back to sleep while he snoozes away. This light is very easy to set up and it really does work as advertised. It is a God send!."
Kim SmithSatisfied Customer
"Pure brilliance! Exactly what I needed for an aging person who could not remember to turn on the light in the middle of the night when getting up. Now there's light. And I keep it at the full 10 minute interval, so she can get back to bed.."
John WilliamsSatisfied Customer
"Well, overall the product worked perfectly and suits my needs. Performs and functions exactly as advertised. You would be surprised how bright they can be when your eyes are adjusted to a pitch-black room in the middle of the night."
Russell JonesSatisfied Customer